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There’s Basically Nothing Lauren Jauregui Can’t Do

She pulled up to ace the Secret Talent Test.

Realistically…how often does the ability to make a paper airplane come in handy throughout life? My estimate is, like, max three or four times. Well, singer Lauren Jauregui got the rare opportunity to show off her plane-building abilities (and a number of other hidden skills) as the special guest on today’s Secret Talent Test.

Determination is a major asset for conquering this challenge, so it’s good that Lauren’s got plenty. The standout secret talent for me was Lauren’s storytelling skills. How do we get her set up with Morgan Freeman–style gigs moving forward? I’m happy to take the reins on that.

TBH, I’m floored by the number of new talents Lauren whipped out throughout this episode. It has to be a record of some kind, so this episode is a major moment—be sure to check out the full thing! Also, be sure to peep Lauren’s latest EP Prelude, out now!

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